'Prosecco Black' 9oz Candle - Wheat Boutique
'Prosecco Black' 9oz Candle - Wheat Boutique

Antica Farmacista

'Prosecco Black' 9oz Candle


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Fragrance: Sparkling, effervescent, and optimistic. Prosecco Black captures the splendor of a celebratory moment with family, friends, food and cheer. Bursts of satsuma mandarin, nectar, sugared black currant and fizz makes this top- selling scent sparkle and gleam. Elegant florals dance with apricot and passionfruit nectar while a humming base composed of vanilla, creamy sandalwood and soft musks lend depth to this undeniably inviting fragrance.

The signature hexagonal candle glass, filled with soy-paraffin wax blend, results in 60 hours of beautifully scented illumination. 

 Measures 3.5" tall with a diameter of 3.5".