Our Story

In early 2016, Molly Shaheen & Huw Collins were considering opening a boutique, with both having an interest & enthusiasm for the fashion world. Huw had completed filming the TV show Pretty Little Liars, and Molly was looking to capitalize on her wealth of business experience.

During a trip to Paris, Huw had arranged a private tour of Coco Chanel's apartment, in the knowledge that his wife had long admired the enduring influence of the House of Chanel.

Whilst they walked through in the hallowed space, where Chanel masterminded a fashion revolution, Molly noticed many symbols and motifs of Wheat permeating the aesthetic.

They learned that after Gabrielle Chanel was born into poverty in the French countryside during Harvest in 1883, she formed a strong belief that Wheat represented an opportunity to transcend her circumstances, and keeping symbols of it close by would always bring her prosperity and abundance.

Moments after hearing the story, Molly suggested to Huw that they should name their boutique Wheat, using a painting by Dali from Chanel's apartment to inspire the logo design. Consecrating the plan in a space touched by the hand of Chanel, Wheat was born!!

After the success of Wheat’s inaugural location in York Beach, ME in 2017, a second location followed in Newburyport, MA later that year with Meghan Bonnano & Colleen Roy.

In early 2019, Wheat expanded to the West coast. Taking advantage of an opportunity to progress the brand to a new frontier, the third Wheat location was opened at Hotel Casa del Mar, in Santa Monica, CA.

One year later to the day, in 2020, Wheat opened a fourth location, its second on the West coast. Entering into a partnership with the Four Seasons brand at the Four Seasons Hotel Los Angeles at Beverly Hills.

In Spring 2020 came the introduction of Wheat 1.17, a luxury lifestyle clothing line encompassing the essence of the Wheat brand. This move allowed Wheat's loyal customer base to bring a piece of Wheat along with them on all their adventures!