Wheat 1.17/Vendors

If you have any questions about Wheat, we are available to answer any and all questions you might have. Our general email address is info@wheatboutique.com, where you can send general questions or inquiries. For more specific questions about Wheat please see below, or for any of our location contact details please visit our stores page.


Our wholesale program for our Wheat 1.17 collection is open for further distribution. If you have interest in the Wheat 1.17 collection for your boutique or retail location, please email our Director of Retail megan@wheatboutique.com and we can provide you with more information.


We do not accept unsolicited vendor inquiries in our boutique locations, please do not bring product into our stores as our sales associates will be unable to help you. If you have a product or a line that you would like to be considered for our Wheat locations, please send a detailed email to megan@wheatboutique.com and we will respond accordingly.